Software Certification

Human Device Sp. z o.o. is accredited as a SASO Certification Body. We have the license to issue following Certificates of Compliance for software:

  • E Certificate of Compliance for the area Ergonomics and Efficiency
  • S Certificate of Compliance for the area Security and Safety
  • § Certificate of Compliance for the area of Formal Conformity
The purpose of applying for the award of Certificate of Compliance is to confirm by an independent organization of applications high-quality and also providing users an objective tool to compare the quality of products. For software vendors to obtain the Certificate of Compliance is a manifestation of a high focus on quality of the products and commitment to providing customers with useful and safe solutions.

The process

The certification process involving two parties: Supplier of the request for the software certification and the Certification Body.

The certification process from Supplier perspective consists of the following steps:
  • Proposal - submission of the application for the software certification process, indicating the name of the Certificate of Compliance and the context of application usage
  • Requirements for applications - provide documents describing the application (usually a requirements analysis)
  • Application version - provide the software
Certification Body after receiving the application performs the following actions:
  • Requirements for documentation and pricing - Certificate Body provides Suppier with required documentation and pricing
  • Documentation of the process – after acceptance of the terms by the Supplier, Certification Body define the scope of testing and elaborate process description
  • Tests - Certificate Body examine and evaluate the application
  • Results Evaluation - based on the test results the Certification Body takes the decision to issue or refuse to issue the certificate
  • Certification – Certificate of Compliance is issued
The Certification Body shall refuse to issue a Certificate of compliance in the event of an application has (depending on the scope of certification):
  • significant functional errors
  • poor ergonomics
  • performance issues
  • problems with keeping of information security or user safety
In case of refusal to issue the certificate, the Supplier is entitled to a single free of expense repeat of the certification process for the next revised version of the software. In the case of confirmation of compliance of the software with the requirements and the context of use, Certification Body issues the Certificate of Compliance for the Supplier in the form of a file signed with qualified electronic signature. Before submitting an application for certification we recommend to perform the full functional test of applications.

Renewal of certificate

Certificates of Compliance are issued indefinitely for the indicated version of the software. Renewal of the certificate can be made for the next major version of the software in a simplified certification process.

Labeling of products

Suppliers who have obtained Certificates of Compliance for products, have right to label them with the Sign of the Certificate of Compliance or by the picture of the entire Certificate of Compliance.

Each of the Certificates has a label to describe the level of the certification process:
  • Basic level - simplified app quality validation - there are slight risks seen during use of the application
  • Level ★★ - standard app validation - there are slight risks during faulty/improper use of application
  • Level ★★★ - detailed app quality validation - there are no risk at the level on running application
  • Level ★★★ - detailed app quality validation and simple project and source code audit - there are slight risks visible at the project level, source code, but not at the level on running application
  • Level ★★★★ - detailed app quality validation and detailed project and source code audit - there is not any risk in the project, source code and running application


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