Human Device Sp. z o.o. provides software development and testing services. We are associated with the Polish Software Attestation and Standardization Organization. Our staff has necessary experience in requirements analysis, prototyping, programming and software validation. All our services are executed by onsite personnel - we do not support or use external human sourcing. Being independent and self-sufficient in areas of human resources allows us to maintain high levels of personnel skills and simplifies information security routines.

We are excited to offer our services to anyone who needs a dedicated customized IT solutions and solid application quality control. We specialize in web portals, mobile applications, quality assurance services and complex systems integrations.

Our aim is to provide customers with high quality, reliable and affordable IT services. We believe that especially developing and testing of mobile software cannot be done well when separated from its hardware. That's why all tests provided by our company are executed on real devices.

We never lose sight from our main objective - to provide our customers with the best possible software development and quality control service.

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